DC Stop Modern Slavery (DC SMS) is a diverse and growing community group taking action to end slavery wherever it occurs, beginning in our own city.

Our Vision

A world without slavery.

Our Mission

To end modern slavery through community education and action.

Our History

DC Stop Modern Slavery began in 2004 as the DC Fight Human Trafficking Meetup: a place for individuals, local and international organizations to come together to learn, discuss the problem, and share ideas and initiatives for finding solutions. The group’s first organizer was a co-founder of Polaris, a prominent DC-based anti-trafficking NGO, Katherine Chon. To ensure the group would be truly community based, Katherine turned the organizing responsibilities over to community members in 2005 and organizers are now selected by the group. In early 2007, the members changed the name to “Stop Modern Slavery” and established stopmodernslavery.org. In late 2007, members began building a more structured organization and cohesive community, allowing the group to grow in depth and scope, and establishing a more action-oriented approach.

For general questions and to contact the organizers, please email organizers@stopmodernslavery.org.