Advocacy Team members push for change in the community and at the policy level. We are in the process of introducing an “End Demand” law to the Washington, DC City Council and we need YOU to let them know that DC residents want to put an End to Demand.

End Demand

The average age of victims of commercial sex trafficking is 13. Once children enter the world of commercial sex trafficking, they are often trapped physically, emotionally, and financially by traffickers and by a legal system that criminalizes victims even if they are below the age of consent.

The Advocacy Team is hard at work to strengthen the law to reduce the demand that too often results in the exploitation of minors through commercial sex trafficking.

Main Points of the “End Demand” Law
  1. Makes a distinction between purchasing sex with an adult versus purchasing sex with a minor, and assesses a much higher penalty for sex with a minor
  2. Buyers of sex (also known as renters or johns) with minors will not be allowed to use the “mistake of age” defense.  They may not claim that they thought the child was 18 years old or older
  3. A person convicted of purchasing or soliciting sex with a minor shall be required  to register as a sex offender

Contact your DC Council Member and let them know that you support ending the demand for commercial sex trafficking of minors in DC.

For more information about the Advocacy Team and the “End Demand” law, email