Adult Services Ads Support Human Trafficking

Even though Craigslist shut down their adult services on both their US and international pages, many other web sites still provide a convenient and easy way for the continuation of trafficking.

Sites such as Craigslist provide a way for pimps to post women, men and even children for exploitation. Pictures of those being trafficked are typically posted in the adult services section, often listing the cost and what services were being offered to any customer willing to pay.  This has allowed for a massive flow of online sexual exploitation: those engaging in the trafficking of underage men and women will not even have to leave their home to post a victim online.

If you were to look at these ads you might not even know that the people posted were being forced to perform sexual acts for the profit of someone else.  While Craigslist did take the first steps to stop assisting this trend, there are many other websites that continue to turn a blind eye to the practice.

While the introduction of aggressive new law enforcement measures and concerned citizen outreach has begun to put pressure on these web sites, many still continue to operate their adult services with a measure of impunity. Public and legal action that forced Craigslist to close their adult forum was indeed a success, however, proving that as long as there are people out there willing to fight against online human trafficking – while it may be one website at a time – victory is certainly achievable.

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Submitted by Charlotte Buscher