INTERPOL Fights to End Slavery

Check out this interview with INTERPOL by CNN’s Richard Quest in regards to human trafficking.

More about INTERPOL:

INTERPOL is an international police organization with
188 member countries who work with INTERPOL to combat crimes including
human trafficking.

The interview discusses the issue of human trafficking and how
INTERPOL is working to diminish trafficking.  INTERPOLs Criminal
Intelligence Officer discusses how they work to help the law
enforcement with their acting members to track the billions of dollars
that comes from human trafficking.  INTERPOL has securities in place
to track passports of suspected human traffickers and has a system
that notifies INTERPOLs member countries of those suspected of human

This interview frequently mentions the trafficking of people across
borders but please don’t forget that human trafficking does not
require the  transportation of people to be considered human

The link to this interview is below as well as the link to INTERPOLs
website if you want to learn more about INTERPOLs mission and what
they are doing to fight human trafficking.

For more information on INTERPOL and its continuing work against trafficking, please visit the organization’s website here.

Post submitted by Charlotte Buscher